Cross-sections and constructions from the cosmos.
Magnetic fields and gravity fields are invisible to human eye.
But a section of a magnetic field can be made visible.
Two-dimensional cross-sections and tree-dimensional constructions of magnetic fields generated by the same magnetic object will however result in dissimilar shapes,
with the most significant variations in the tree-dimensional constructions, that can vary from fir tree-like spikes to calla-shaped bowls.

Some structures in magnetic fields bear resemblance to patterns in the living, in herbal and fungi structures. Are these phenomena emerging from the structures antedating the magnetic matter?
Do phenomena in the living reveal a self organizing basis of both the non-living and the living?

The singularity from which the universe expanded was unfragmented. The emerging phenomena are fragments of this process. Our understanding of the universe have developed from observing fragment from a fragmented position. Contemporary physics are trying to defragment cosmos trough telescopes and particle-detectors.

Can we defragment and observe basic structures of cosmos in our every-day life?

2D cross-section and 3D sculpture generated from same magnetic field

Making the invisible magnetic fields visible, the cross-sections and constructions occasionally seem to display similarities in non-living and living phenomena.? Is there a connection between the phenomena we see in magnetic patterns and in mushroom spore pattern - and in the shape of a sunflower, a calla-flower or a fir tree. Are these similarities hidden to us, because they are in front of us, when we open our eyes - because they are too obvious? Or are they just incidental pareidolia?

Can we defragment cosmos in our every-day live? Or is the universe hidden behind our senses?

With my magnetic generated art-works I reveal the normally hidden magnetic fields.