Signing contracts with Art Expertise at Merlino Bottega d'Arte with Tommaso Gardenti for the gallery
Artistes du Monde,
Cannes September 2018

Defragmentum has signed contracts with the art-organisation: Art Expertise in Firenze (Florence) in Italy about participation in the art fair – Artiste du Monde – in Cannes, France, in September 2018

We were honored receiving a mail from Art Expertice, who, in these words invited us to join in their participation in Cannes:

“I am Maria Grazia, one of the collaborators of ArtExpertise-storici dell'arte in Firenze. I visited the website and I do believe the project is really intriguing. The 3D artworks for instance are incredibly beautiful to look at and could function as an opening to a new way of making art, also the concept that stands behind them is particularly well suited to several interpretations and discussions on contemporary art trends and the way science can influence art.

It would be a real honor for our gallery to represent you in Florence and in Italy.”
Maria Grazia De Cubellis

ArtExpertise Firenze

During our stay in Firenze/ Florence, we signed contracts about the participation in Artistes du Monde, Cannes September 2018, as an art duo under the name Defragmentum, and about a group exhibition in Galleria Merlino in Firenze/Florence later in 2018.

ArtExpertise, galleries for contemporary art is a cultural organization aimed at promoting contemporary art on an international level:

ArtExpertise has two offices in Florence: the Merlino Gallery, Bottega d'Arte, located in the historic center, and the Atelier of ArtExpertise.

The gallery is active internationally, often promoting exhibitions in London, Milan and Venice and participating constantly in the Art Fairs.
ArtExpertise is also founder of the First International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Versilia.

Galleria di Arte Mentana
During our stay we also visited Galleria di Arte Mentana in Firenze/Florence Italy and received an overwhelming welcome. The Art Director, Laura Adreani showed an immediate understanding of the unique in our production, and expressed an interest in exhibiting our sculptures, and shortly after our return to Copenhagen we received this mail from Galleria d'Arte Mentana.

“Dear artist. It was a great pleasure for us too to meet you and to see such a particular and original approach to sculpture. That is why we would be happy to show your work in our gallery in Florence, arranging a solo exhibition for your art. Let us know if it is ok for you, so we will send you all the information and a possible date.
My compliments and best wishes.”

Giovanna Laura Adreani – Art Director
Galleria d'Arte Mentana