DEFRAGMENTUM provides combined exhibitions and lectures.

A river describes in all its complex simplicity the conditions that apply to life and non-life. Organisms and organizations are governed by the same rules.

Contemporary themes relates to the modern concept  of the world in which we live, from an intuitive and artistic point of view – but  firmly rooted in the tangible physical world!

Ecology, climate changes, internet and globalization are related to the new holistic view of the world, that has emerged during the past 50 years. In which  the Earth´s  crust  and life are each other's preconditions. In a cosmos where life occurs where ever the prerequisites are present.

Parallels are drawn to the phenomena and malfunctions  of the digital world, raising questions about consciousness as a concept, both personal and digital consciousness.
If a computer has some kind of awareness, how is it going to tell us?

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